Your Target

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Do you want to know the reason you’re not reaching your goals?

You don’t have a specific target.

The foundation of prospecting is getting to know your target market. Your time is precious. Stop wasting it on people that are outside your target market.

This is the reason it’s essential to fully understand your brand and the people you’re selling to. Make a mistake at this stage, and you could sabotage all your efforts. Once you have a substantial prospect list, set a target number of prospects that you would reach out to daily or weekly.

Then follow a routine.

Decide on the time of day to get in touch with your prospects. Consider inviting each one of them to a meal. Remember, customer experience starts on the first second that you engage with a prospect — not when a candidate turns into a client. And so, romancing your customers must also begin at the prospecting stage.

Woo them with romantic gestures and show how much you appreciate that they are spending their precious time with you.

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