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Our Clients

These our a few of my private clients over the years. 


Selling for People Who Hate to Sell

While selling is absolutely necessary for business success, most people experience a little fear even talking about the subject. The truth is selling is really easy when you do it the right way and really hard when you do it the wrong way(s). You’ll learn that people want, love and need to buy. And that solving problems is much easier than trying to make people buy.

Romancing Your Customer – the Fine Art of Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences

Most entrepreneurs think customers are judging the product or service they deliver and to some extent they are, but what gets the most attention is the experience the customer receives. Romancing Your Customer is about delivering experiences to the level that customers love you and your business.

Transformational Leadership for Todays’ World

Most leaders are traditional, think of the Military or Major Corporations. Transformational leadership changes everything. Improving your leadership, improves nearly every area of your life.

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is the number one skill to improve you as a person and therefore improve every area of your life. People who practice gratitude become more grateful and humans perform at their highest level when they express or experience gratitude.

Marketing – Selling

Most clients initially engage me to begin winning more business. And when you raise your revenue about ½ of the other issues in your business will simply vanish.

Customer Service (CXCX)

Everybody knows that business is 100% about the customer 100% of the time. The sad fact is that few companies actually live that truth. You and your team will learn how to deliver CX at the level of Romancing Your Customer and you will dominate your market.


Most entrepreneurs don’t make sales and don’t service clients. The staff handles everything. Improving your company culture improves everything. Culture beats process every time!


Great leadership is hard work, but it pays dividends in every facet of your business and your life. I’ll help you grow as a leader and you’ll be amazed at how easy some things become.

Private Client Consulting


Team Huddle with Me: Team Huddles are 15-minute live daily video meetings that begin to improve culture and results immediately.
One-hour Workshops: Highly interactive workshops based on my Micro Learning Academy provide tons of content for improvement & team building in a sprint format.
½ Day Workshops: My ½ day workshops follow my Learn and Do method of learning. It’s easy to improve any part of the customer journey is you learn something new and put that new knowledge into practice.
Forum Retreats: Is your Forum stale or are you looking to go to the next level? I facilitate a limited number of Forum retreats that provide members new tools for authenticity, vulnerability and personal growth.

Client Testimonials