The Easiest Profit Dollars

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It’s expensive to find new customers.

So, when you get them, make sure to keep them.

After all, the easiest way to make a profit is through your current customers.

How do you keep your current customers happy? Here are some tips:

1. Send gifts. I’ve talked about the Christmas effect in one of my recent posts, and I can’t stress the value of gift-giving enough! Show your customers you appreciate them with a well-thought-out gift.

2. Respond to messages promptly. Whether it’s positive or negative feedback, replying to customers in a timely manner shows you’re there to help them even after they’ve done business with you.

3. Stop using jargon when talking to your customers. Making sure you got your message across is more important than impressing them with words that only you can understand.

4. Do what you promised to do and more. Customers remember companies that make good on their promises and do more than what was expected of them.