My EO Journey

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I thought I was a great leader.

I thought I didn’t have much time.

And I thought I was self-aware and knew my limitations…

Then a 20-year friend introduced me to Entrepreneur Organization (thank you Walter Monk) and I began what’s now become a 6-year journey of learning, growth & self-improvement. To provide some context:

Entrepreneur Organization is 14,000+ Entrepreneurs from around the Globe working to improve and further Entrepreneurship.

This is a video I provided to the Ft. Worth EO Chapter of earlier this year during my term as Chapter President.

Please watch, I think you’ll be glad you did.

If you want to learn about EO, you can go to the HelloEO website or you can reach out to me or any other EO member you might know.

If you want a Sales, CX or Leadership Coach/Consultant or a Dynamic Speaker please reach out to me.