Mastering Objections

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Nothing can kill a perfect pitch but an unexpected objection. 😓

An objection is the reason a prospect doesn’t want to buy your products or services JUST YET.

Objections are good.

It means your prospect is interested enough with you to think 🤔 about what you’re offering.

The secret to handling objections is to know that they’re coming.

When you’re prepared for the unexpected, there’s little chance that you will be blindsided and lose the sale.

There are four opportunities to handle an objection but there’s only one way to WIN OVER IT.

❌ Never deal with it

❌ After a prospect tells you their objection

❌ When a prospect tells you their objection

✅ Before an objection comes up

When you introduce the objection yourself, you’re showing your prospects that you understand them and feel their pain.

But you also have the solutions for their concerns, therefore gaining their trust and getting you more time to close the deal.

How do you handle objections? Share them in the comments below.