Leadership Requires Courage

The key to becoming a great leader is to have the courage to be vulnerable.

Being vulnerable isn’t an easy thing to do and often times, it can be exhausting. BUT, it’s an essential characteristic that could hone your emotional intelligence as a leader.

Having the courage to be “real” and to show your vulnerabilities allows you to develop genuine relationships. Furthermore, it lets you acknowledge your weaknesses . It lets you ask for help without feeling embarrassed or ashamed for needing one.

When you hide your vulnerabilities behind your title, you tend to become defensive and blame others for every problem you encounter. What happens then? You block collaboration in your company and create a toxic working environment.

Leaders who can acknowledge their mistakes and can say “I don’t know” are leaders who know how to build a collaborative environment, founded on teamwork. They understand that it’s not always important to be perfect. What is important is to develop relationships and value them.