It Takes Courage To Develop The Right Kind Of Leadership

It’s never easy to be a great leader. People have been trying to figure out the best way to lead others since the beginning of time. Try to name all the great businesses, teams, or countries that were built with weak leadership. It’s hard to do, right?

If you’re serious about growing a strong business, then you also have to be serious about becoming a great leader. Becoming a great leader takes courage because it’s not easy. You have to put yourself out there in front of your team in order to lead effectively. You have to demonstrate confidence, solid judgment, and you also have to be assertive but friendly.

The needs and expectations of those you’re trying to lead also come into play. Followers want leaders who make tough decisions but do it in a way that makes them feel included. A good leader can interpret many different situations and viewpoints with rationale and emotional intelligence. Good leaders can also make decisions quicker than most of their followers. Great leaders can do all this will also displaying a healthy mix of confidence and humility. 

The list of characteristics one needs to become a great leader is long and often contradictory. Many people also have different thoughts on what traits are most important for a good leader to have. There is one trait that is common on any good leadership list and that is courage. 

Good leadership starts with courage

Most people don’t make good leaders because being a good leader isn’t easy. No matter what your team is trying to accomplish there will be tough moments. There will be times where everyone seems to want to go in a different direction. Courage is what makes everything else possible. A leader that is afraid to stand up for what they believe in or fears making the tough decisions will fail. 

If you have already made the decision to start a business, then you have already shown quite a bit of courage. Over two-thirds of every business fails within the first ten years so it takes courage to become an entrepreneur. The trick is to build off that courage in a way that leads to growth in the business. Courage is the first and most important building block any leader needs to build a successful business. Without courage, innovation dies, and sales will falter. 

There is no leadership without courage. Leadership requires making bold and at many times very unpopular decisions. A business in today’s world needs to be always pushing the boundaries of innovation. Innovation in any industry or business requires creating new ways of doing things. Going against traditional ideas or breaking ground on new concepts takes courage. Making sales requires the ability to overcome repeated rejection before closing the deal. Therefore, making sales is something that requires a great deal of courage. Without a courageous leader, a business will fail. 

Improving your weaknesses takes courage

Many people fail to realize courage is coachable just like anything else in business or life. Courage is a skill that one can both learn and improve upon. Most of us have in it us to be courageous in moments of need. 

The first step in growing a business is identifying areas that can use some improvement. There is often a fine line between being courageous and being foolish. The difference is the ability to rationally assess and redirect situations that you can control. A great leader is often better at admitting mistakes than the average person. Great leaders often are quicker to learn from their mistakes than most of us. Really great leaders learn from the mistakes and experiences of others. 

Courageous with purpose

I spend my time now helping people and organizations become courageous with purpose. The most important thing that I’ve learned about leadership in my thirty-plus years as an entrepreneur is a whole organization does better when everyone is encouraged to be confident. Think about it. Most people do better at any task put in front of them when there is an absence of fear. People take on more challenges and try harder when they’re confident there will be a good reward or positive outcome. A good leader will instill courage into their followers. 

People that feel confident make better decisions. People that feel confident are also more likely to address issues and deal positively with change. Change management skills are vital in any business because nothing stays the same. Life is temporary so it makes sense that every situation and challenge that a business faces is also temporary. 

If you feel like you or your team can use help building confidence or developing winning strategies, then I encourage you to reach out to me directly. I would love to chat with you about your business, goals, and anything else that I can potentially help with.

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