Is It Dead or Alive

Here’s the difference…

Successful relationships are built on two foundational pillars: Communication & Expectation .

LIVING communication “breathes” (you can interact live or real time). In order of effectiveness:
1. Face to Face
2. Video Conferencing (think Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc)
3. Audio Communication (my friend Allison Maslan calls this “Pick up the darned Phone”).

SEMI-LIVE (in order)
1. Video “mail” (Marco Polo , etc – it’s interactive but maybe not real time).
2. Video (at least your sending information using audio and video though).

DEAD or maybe STATIC is a better term.
Every communication that is text or the written word (including this post).

Especially during this time, at least some of your communication should be LIVING.

If you can’t be Face to Face, then try Video Conferencing and/or Pick up the Darned Telephone.

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