IAAPA Entertainment Industry Conference 2019

I’m thrilled to be speaking at the 1st IAAPA Entertainment Industry Conference held in Mexico City on September 5, 2019.

My topic is “The WOW Customer Experience”.

After 30+ years working with Fortune 500 Companies on marketing, sales and service, I’ve seen some really great CX.

When you design your Customer Experience (CX) Journey do you approach that design from the Customers viewpoint or from your viewpoint?

On a Customer Satisfaction Index of 1 – 10, are you shooting for WOW?

Customers who say WOW about their experience with your brand spend more, leave positive reviews, stay longer, refer more friends and are FUN to serve.

Are you delivering WOW with intention?

Please add a comment and share a WOW with our community. Please share something your Company does that leaves your Customer saying WOW. Or share a WOW you felt when you were the Customer!