This morning in the RLA 2018 WhatsApp Channel, I saw the following post from Brian Brault and had a personal message from George Gan informing us of the catastrophe to his beloved Orchard.

We have all heard George Gan talk, with pride, about his orchard in Malaysia. I had the privilege of visiting George in koala Lumpur right before Covid shut the world down. He took my wife and I on a day trip to his orchard and showed us around. He had such pride as he walked us through and showed us everything he had created over 20+ years. He shared his vision for bringing people from around the world together to help them grow as individuals and as leaders. Last week he lost it all. His orchard was devastated from flooding that occurred. These pictures share some of the devastation. George has helped us all. He touched our lives and helped us grow. Maybe we can show him our appreciation. A member from Hawaii started a gofundme campaign. Absolutely positively NO pressure whatsoever. However, should you feel inclined, click on the link below. I am also thinking that I would love to take a trip to Malaysia and spend a week or so helping him to rebuild.

George is a longtime EO Malaysia member, creator/co-creator of the EO Leadership Academies, mentor to many and a good friend. His EO resume’ is long and accomplished.

I’ve had the pleasure of attending an RLA, co-Chairing an RLA and attending GLA. In my opinion, The Leadership Academy experience is the finest value EO has to offer.

A Go Fund Me page has been established by Alexander Choi who is an EO Hawaii member. You can help with a donation There is already some talk of a potential trip to go help George rebuild. And many RLA & GLA participants have sprung into action to help.

Leta and I visited George in Kuala Lumpur in 2019 and had the pleasure of visiting the Orchard with George. Leta is an artist who primarily paints and take photographs. She took a photo of the bridge and did a painting of “The Bridge to Second Chances” which she presented to George as a gift.  George had/has many types of exotic fauna in addition to his beloved Durian. George will tell you he grows/grew and will grow again the finest Durian in the World. Some have bad things to say about Durian, but I liked it. J

If you’d like to virtually tour the Orchard with George, Leta and me. Leta made 100+ photos from our 2019 trip available to view here LINK. The property, George’s mission for the Orchard is as beautiful as George’s heart.

Leta and Don Williams

Click the Image below to enter the orchard.