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I started my love affair with Gratitude a couple of years ago.

I was in Bangkok for a conference and I met this really smart lady – Gina Mollicone-Long

Gina is a great performance coach who has a program called GreatnessU, and if you get a chance to meet her, you should GO MEET HER she’s based in Whistler, BC (now that’s a pretty nice address/view).

Gina shared with me that our brains function at the highest energy level when we feel or express gratitude and conversely at the lowest energy level when we feel or express shame.

After her share, I began the intentional daily practice of gratitude. Practicing gratitude keeps me grateful and I notice others who are grateful.

In this video I’m in a public square with what seemed like a zillion people (everywhere you go in China there is a lot people). Everyone had a smile on their face & they we’re simply enjoying the lights. Each person Grateful that Life is Good.