Everyone Is Your Customer

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When you follow the principle of Romancing Your Customer, you start providing experiences to everyone like you would your current customers.

If you do this, you attract more people to your brand and ultimately win them over.

“But Don, how do I romance my customers?”

First, you have to find romance.

Think of it like dating.

When going out with a special person, you find out what that person likes and what they need. Then after the date, you ask if that person had a great time.

Communication is key to romancing your customers.

If you don’t ask and you don’t listen, you won’t go anywhere with them.

Get in touch with them whenever you can and keep your communication lines open.

The best communication style you could use to make a significant impact on your customers is face-to-face interaction.

However, if that’s not always possible, opt for telephone calls, online video calls, or written communication.

Find out which method your customers prefer the most and use it.