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Source Document OTTER.AI Transcription 


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By this case. Yes. 


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Hi Katie This is Tate Roush with the Cox law firm I wanted to quote within the sphere understanding the scope with the toy. 


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And yes, I did about 


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Joe and getting him out on a roll coming up. Okay, do you have this tdcj number handy. Yeah, it’s 1234567. Great, thank you. I just pulled them up in the system and it looks like he’s in for eight years for supervision charges. And it’s coming up for parole. On October this year. What questions do you have for me. My family and so I was just looking for options 


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cost of attorneys and what the process that’s why 


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you’re getting information you can do that. 


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That’s great. It costs in myself, but it’s equal to two costs law firm and we do work with individuals in front of a school boards. I will go through our method the representation along with the deeds associated with those methods, feel free to interject if you have any questions, but essentially what we do with our clients is we build a coal miner and parole plan to present to the coal. Okay. And to do that, I’m going to help them in jail help with that done. Only pro binder. It consists of the supporting documentation, we need to build a good pro plan. And we need support letters, family and friends employment opportunities from either past employees or relatives who are willing to hire. Well, we also need photographs. These photographs humanize the process. And take away from the fact that Joe’s been treated like a number, and more so to the fact that he has a future that is bright. And so these photos depend to the individual to arriving on his behalf. So these will be Family Photos with veterans holiday photos that you’ve been able to visit at his unit, I’d love to have photos of those visits as well. The fourth thing create a certificate certificate subject directly to Joe but these are going to be some classes and programs that we’ve completed inside, called the bottom. They can be educational vocational rehabilitative, but obviously certificates can go and essentially show the board, what he’s doing inside that he’s taking part in the system and if you can have a better version of himself, three additional items that we include the team TJ represent Yo, to make sure we have eyes and the conviction documents. And also I run a department of public space and so on. So I have a comprehensive report of any prize that he has misdemeanors and felonies. Okay. And with all that documentation we build a plan, and the claim and store is a detailed version of Joe’s life. We’ll go through his living arrangements. Because they live, the hobbies that he has with employment opportunities that is how the living arrangements are funded. What access you will have to be another vehicle refunded, essentially we want to show the board, what is going on and day out, why would be life. So there are no gaps to be filled and he’s released and he’s not an elevated risk to violate parole. Because, with all of that documentation, we present that in two ways. Either over the phone or in person, or telephonic option how that works is we set up the copy of the pro binding plan to the voter voting on Joe’s case two days prior to the hearing that I hope occurred prior to October. And just so you know that October date is arbitrary cutoff date. Okay, we will have information on file with the parole board. So whenever the hearing occurs, whether it’s in August, September or October, we will be informed. But with that said, we set up everything else to the board, they’ll have a copy of everything, we’ll have the original. We present over the phone with the lead voter for the lap dog or presentation everybody will pass the vote and hand all of on to a second vote if they agree on their decision whether to approve or deny, it’s all said and done, if they disagree, a third vote or something to buy or sell upon adoption. We charge 30 $500 that’s a flat fee, all the way to 500 down to get started open hills file, and that remaining 3000 needs to be paid 30 days Clyde is projected to view this month, which is October, so by September 1, we will need to be paid for. The in person option, so the in person option is a second option that we offer, and how that works is you get everything the pro binder info plan. However, I, or myself read costs, and travel to the unit to visit the dome person, and he and I will travel to the board office with you and any other level, we’d like to be in attendance. We still thought us a copy of the corresponding poem to the repo prior to the game however the game takes place and oftentimes we want to 


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add another I will still present the call plan as if we were doing it over the phone. And then you all will have an opportunity to testify to the lead voter question to stay alive and vice versa. This option allows you to have ongoing dialogue dialogue within the building that you may not otherwise. If you choose to Telefonica. The same for that baby travel expenses, we’re gonna incur that $12,000 and that’s a flat fee of, well, we make 3000 down, and that will minimize the need to be paid by September 1 as well. Just so you know, you will be my main point of communication with your family, but I will also communicate with Joe directly as well, three methods. I’ll add my cell phone to his colleagues, I will communicate with them via regular mail and email. And if you choose one person often like I said Ed or myself will actually travel to the unit. In addition to those three methods of communication. Oh, I definitely did pass my family about this. Would you be able to give me this information written down so I can share this with families and some of the best in the bathroom. Yes, I can do that I believe you provided Victoria with the email address at Josephine Zuma calm, is that correct, yes. Okay, I will include the representation agreement into an email to you, so you can discuss it with them the FOMO, and feel free to call me back on my direct dial when we give that to you real quick. At 817510 to 818. And if you guys have any additional questions at all means, give me a call if you want to move forward with us, you can give me a call on like a down payment over the phone, and how we get started. Oh, that sounds great, they got a look for that know 


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what it actually is anything else that’s 


Unknown Speaker  7:24   

a lot of great information and I just, I don’t 


Unknown Speaker  7:26   

think I have any more questions. Okay, there’s nothing else for me All I can tell you, the sooner the better. October is going to conclude that in itself. So speak to your family and please let me know if you guys have any additional questions. Okay, thanks so much 


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for talking. 


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Draft Call Guide April 20, 2020 




My _______________, my name is Tate Roush, and I’m an Attorney with the Cox Law Firm in Bedford, TX. I and Ed Cox who is the founder of the firm specialize in helping people successfully get Paroled.  


I’m glad we’re talking, and I’m going to do my best to help you. 




I’m going to take some notes on our call today, do you have a pen and paper so that you can take some notes too? (let them get pen and pad) 


First I’ll ask you a couple of questions, then I’ll tell you how the Texas Parole process works and you can ask me any questions along the way, and when we’re done you’ll feel a lot better about how things work and more importantly how they can work successfully for you. 




I show your name is (Caller Name)? 


Is this (Number) your cell number and best to reach you? 


Email address_______________? 


And in what City & State do you live? _________________? 


And your loved one who is coming up for Parole is (Name)? 


And what’s your relationship to (Offender Name)? 


Do you have (Offender Name) TDCJ number handy? 


Ok, I just pulled (Offender Names’) record from the system and I see he’s serving (X) years for (offense) charges. I also see his upcoming Parole date is set for (Month/Year). 


Ok, thank you (Caller Name), let me tell you how the Parole process works. 



Here’s the process without Cox Law Firms’ help: 

  • 6 months before (Offender) is eligible for Parole. TDCJ orders the case to be pulled for review. 6 months sounds like a long time, but we need as much time as possible to do the best job we can for (Offender).   
  • Next, TDCJ sends notices to the trial officials, any victims and victim family members. 
  • (Offender) is interviewed by a Parole Officer. 
  • (Offender’s) file is sent for review and a vote by a Parole Panel. 
  • It’s possible that a member of the Panel might want to interview (Offender) & any victim(s) might also be interviewed. 
  • The Parole Panel, has a lead voter. The Lead Voter votes and if the next Panel member agrees then Parole is decided, if they disagree then a third person breaks the tie. So 2 votes are required for Parole to be granted or denied

Ok, does that makes sense? (they answer) Do you see how the normal process works? (they answer) OK, this part is Very ImportantIn Texas Parole is successfully granted three out of every ten times. So only 30% of offenders normally receive a successful Parole.  

Now, I’m going to tell you how it works with Cox Law Firms’ help. For the last ____ years, TDJC sees (Offender) as just a number. TDJC doesn’t really see him as a person. We’re going to help TDJC see (Offender) as a human, as a person & as someone with a good future. 

Here’s the process with Cox Law Firms’ help: 

  • Remember that six months when During that six month’s when TDJC is sending notices and doing interviewsWithout us generally (Offender) and family are doing nothing which is one of the reasons only 30% get Parole.  
  • When you work with usand that means I need your help, ok? We’ll build a solid Parole Plan that centers around a Parole Binder (Need more detail Tate). That Binder is a notebook that contains documentation that is positive about (Offender), the Parole Binder will contain: 
    • Support letters from family members. 
    • Support letters from friends. 
    • Employment opportunities from past employers or family members who are willing to hire (Offender). 
    • We’ll need photographs. Photographs help humanize (Offender), remember the system has treated (Offender) like a number. We want the system to see (Offender) as a man, and a good man with a good future. We’ll have Holiday  

photos, Veteran family member photos, from your visits with (Offender) at his unit. The more photos you can provide the better. 

  • Next we’ll include any Certificates (Offender) has earned. Any classes or programs (Offender) has completed inside. They can be educational, vocational or rehabilitative. We want to show the Parole panel that (Offender) has been working to make himself a better person while he’s been inside. 


I add my cell to (Offender) call list, so I will be in direct communication with (Offender). 


We’ll take all of that information and we’ll build (Offender’s) Parole Plan. We’ll detail his living arrangements, his hobbies, his employment opportunities so the Panel will see how he’ll pay for his living arrangements.  


We’ll show the Board what his life will be like day in and day out. We’ll show the Board (offender’s) life with no gaps. We want them to see that he’s not an elevated risk to violate Parole.  


Now, remember the percentage for successful Parole I told you earlier? [They must answer – 30%]. That’s right 30%, now our average at Cox Law Firm is 70%, so more than double the odds without us. And you’d rather have the 70% chance at a successful Parole for (Offender) right? (they must answer) 


OK, now here’ s a choice, the Parole Plan and Parole Binder we do with every case. You and I work together and it’s a lot of work for you and for me to get the letters, photos, certificates, etc.  


The choice is all about how we present the Parole Plan & Binder to the Paneldo you want me or Ed Cox to present the Plan and Binder with all of the documentation by FEDEX & telephone OR do you want me or Ed to present the Plan and Binder in personMost of the time we do it by FEDEX/Phone but of course if we’re present we can react to anything that happens during the Panel. 


Both options have flat fees and easy payment terms for our services. 


FEDEX/PhoneIn Person 


Plan & Binder sent to Lead Voter                                 Plan & Binder delivered in person 

and I or Ed attend the   

hearing in person & speak for 



$4,000.00 flat fee$13,000.00 flat fee  


Both the FEDEX/Phone OR In Person rates include all expenses, you will not get a bill for more money. 


We can start on (Offender’s) Parole Plan and Binder with only $500.00 or $1,000.00 as a down paymentif you we’re going to engage me to represent (Offender) which is better for you the $500 down payment or $1,000 down payment(answer) Thank you.  


The remainder has to be paid on the 1st of the month before (Offender’s) Parole Hearing. So (Offender’s) hearing is set for October, that means the balance would have to be paid by September 1. If you can pay the whole fee at once, then we take $500.00 off of our fee so it would only be $3,500 for FEDEX & Phone or $12,500 for In Person. 


Ok, any questions there? (any question you get is a buying signal). Ok, let me ask you…do you think you’re better with the FEDEX/PHONE at $4,000 OR In Person at $13,000? (let them answer).  


Ok, and would you pay it all or is the down easier? (let them answer).  


Great, the next step is I’ll email you an Engagement Letter which you sign electronically, you do not have to print it out to sign it, the Engagement Letter means you’ve hired us and put us to work for (Offender). In the Engagement Letter is a link for you to pay the deposit or the entire amount with a credit card


OK, so the next steps is to email you the Engagement Letter & Link for Payment


And once you electronically signed the Engagement Letter, and paid with your credit card, then we’ll start with Parole Binder & Plan


Do I use the (email address) and the payment link accepts MasterCard, Visa and American Express which card will you be using?  


Any other questions.  


Ok, thank you so much, I’m looking forward to helping you and (Offender).  


Have a nice day, bye.