Dynamite (Sometimes) Comes in Small Packages!

Shailee Basnett and her team of all female climbers successfully climbed Mt, Everest in May 2008.

She has since been the Coordinator of ‘Seven Summits Women Team’, first women team in the world to climb the 7 summits.

I met Shailee when she spoke at the #EO #GlobalLeadershipAcademy in November 2019.

Shaiee’s shares and my takeaways we’re:

“Mountain climbing is legs and lungs” – tackle the BIG projects by breaking it down to the basics…

“Successful mountain climbing means you come down the mountain alive” – it won’t make any difference how successful you are if you kill yourself, your marriage or your relationships doing it…

“Everests’ summit is 29,209 feet above sea level, everything over 26,247 is known as the Death Zone. Literally the cells is your body begin dying at 26,347. You have to ascend the summit AND return below 26,247 before you die” – all of us our dying and we have to complete our purpose before the process is complete.