Do You Zoom

Well…do you?

I mainly Zoom , but whether it’s Zoom, Face Time, Skype, Jabber, Cisco Webex Meetings, GoTo Meeting, MicrosoftTeams, GoogleHangouts, Meet, joinme or some other platform – if you’re not already, you better start doing Video Conferencing.

Face 2 Face is really hard right now due to the obvious.

The next best comm channel after Face 2 Face is Video Conferencing.

And if you’re not good at it, you might want to practice &/or get some help. I provide help at

Social Distancing almost requires us to work harder to communicate. And communicating richly takes a little more effort.

Yesterday I had a Zoom with 100 people at 9am, then 5 or 6 Zoom conferences with individuals and then a 2:30pm Zoom with 41 more people.

Think how hard that would be to do on ANY other channel?

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