Do You Really Deliver a Champagne Experience to Your Customers?

Here’s how Caesars Palace does it for Diamonds and Seven Stars players. (I’m a mere Diamond).

1. If you’re Seven Stars they’ll pay your airfare – heck if you’re a ‘big’ enough Seven Stars they might send a jet for you.

2. They might send a limo to the airport to deliver you safely to the hotel (big bonus if you’ve ever waited in the taxi line at McCarran Airport when it’s 112 degrees outside).

3. They’ll assign you a host whose mission is to see that your happy. I hear from mine about once a month – thanks for checking John Reynolds.

4. You have a private check in desk (away from the lines).

5. They might comp your room/suite.

6. They might buy your dinner(s).

7. They might comp you champagne or whatever you choose.

8. They might send you to a show(s).

9. They will treat you like you are very important everywhere you go at everything you do. Ask yourself – do you treat your high value customers like they’re an Emperor (aka Caesar)?