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Nothing Builds Authority Like Being an Author

Note: The Root Word of Authority is Author

Less than 1% of the Worlds Population Has Written 1 Book*

You can Join the Elite not as a 1-time Author, not as a 2-time Author but
as a

3-time Author in only 2 days!

This event is for people who want to magnify their authority to build their careers & businesses.

We all know TRUST is the number one component to success with other people and

nothing builds trust better than having authority.

This event is a small, private 2 day experience with the

4-time #1 Best Selling Author – Don Williams.

You’ll submit two stories as a co-author in volume 2 of Dons’ upcoming new books.

Gratitude – Stories from Our Hearts shares stories where people experienced the power of Gratitude in their own life.

Romancing Your Customer – Stories of Exceptional Service shares real life examples of fantastic customer experiences.

You’ll leave the event with your completed:

  • Amazon Author Page
  • Author Photos
  • Author Photos
  • New Book Title
  • Front Cover Art
  • Chapter Outline

Access to Don’s “done with you” software that will get you to the finish line quickly and easily.

There is NO EASIER way to write your own book.

This is not your ‘run of the mill' workshop. This is you being handed the keys to the kingdom.

Great Businesses are Built with Trust. Trust is Built from Authority. Authority Starts with Author!

As an Author, you’ll enjoy:

  • More sales & easier faster sales
  • Happier customers who spend more & stay longer
  • Employees who engage and perform
  • Transformational leadership that inspires

Learning is great, but learning plus action gets results!

Build Authority

Build Trust

Build Your Brand

Build Your Business

I’ll walk you through the entire process from A-Z on how I write my books and how you can write your own book PLUS you can use my software which does the hard work for you. It’s simple and easy when you follow my proven system!

This isn’t just a workshop. This is you changing your business for the better…forever.

Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas

June 8 & June 9, 2023

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