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Nothing Builds Authority Like Being an Author

Note: The Root Word of Authority is Author

Less than 1% of the Worlds Population Has Written 1 Book*

You can Join the Elite not as a 1-time Author, not as a 2-time Author but

as a

3-time Author in only 2 days!

This event is for people who want to magnify their authority to build their careers & businesses.

We all know TRUST is the number one component to success with other people and nothing builds trust better than having authority.

This event is a small, private 2 day experience with the

4-time #1 Best Selling Author – Don Williams.

You’ll submit two stories as a co-author in volume 2 of Dons’ upcoming new books.

Gratitude – Stories from Our Hearts shares stories where people experienced the power of Gratitude in their own life.

Romancing Your Customer – Stories of Exceptional Service shares real life examples of fantastic customer experiences.

You’ll leave the event with your completed:

Amazon Author Page

Author Photos

New Book Title

Front Cover Art

Chapter Outline


Access to Don’s “done with you” software that will get you to the finish
line quickly and easily.

There is NO EASIER way to write your own book.

The event was great – very positive feedback.
Tobias Reaber
CEO Herchenbach Industrie-Zeltebau GmbH

This is not your ‘run of the mill' workshop. This is you being handed the keys to the kingdom.

Don is a rare example of someone with amazing leadership and communication skills, and natural authority. An author of several books and an accomplished speaker, he will teach you how to get a “WOW” reaction from your customers but meanwhile, you will be saying “WOW” to yourself every time you interact with him. Confident, calm, and always positive, Don is also the person you would want in your life as a friend. Knowing Don and learning from him has rocked both my business and my personal worlds.
Hana Laurenzo
CEO at TLC Translation

Great Businesses are Built with Trust. Trust is Built from Authority. Authority Starts with Author!

As an Author, you’ll enjoy:

Don Williams is a phenomenal sales coach. He’s really helped my business grow. He holds you to a high standard and challenges you to get out of your comfort zone. And that’s where growth happens. He always follows up and is the gold standard in customer experience and service. I highly recommend his services.
Fanny Dunagan
CEO Pathlynks

Learning is great, but learning plus action gets results!

Don was excellent to work with. He always strives for a WOW experience and that is what he delivered.
Benjamin Gootee
CEO at Gootee Construction, Inc.

Build Authority
Build Trust
Build Your Brand
Build Your Business


I’ll walk you through the entire process from A-Z on how I write my books and how you can write your own book PLUS you can use my software which does the hard work for you. It’s simple and easy when you follow my proven system!

This isn’t just a workshop. This is you changing your business for the better…forever.

Here’s what Don’s Clients Say…

I found the Don’s training to be very actionable with some concrete strategies… Would HIGHLY recommend him for a sales training for any organization.
Christopher Frye
Business Strategist
Through his experience of working with Fortune 500 businesses, Don brings a great deal of knowledge to individual businesses in the way of coaching and mentoring. Additionally, he focuses on exponentially increasing a business’s sales through the business knowledge he has acquired over the last 30 years. The Don Williams Group is a class act.
Craig Wasilchak
CEO at Crushing B2B Digital Strategies
Don is extremely knowledgeable about outbound prospecting, cold calling and sales. He is authentic and honest about his firms capabilities all while being completely open to sharing his best practices. No snake oil here. It’s been a pleasure working with Don.
Fletcher Wimbush
CEO at The Hire Talent
Don Williams’ process and key questions get right to the heart of what’s holding you back. Next, he creates a clear action plan, setting goals and holding you accountable. The key is YOU – YOU must do what Don says! Don cares about people and thrives on helping others reach their potential. I highly recommend working with Don!
Janis Stevens
CEO at Innovative Tub Solutionst
Don Williams is an absolute legend, and great to spend time with. His energy and passion will have a positive impact on my business!
John Busby
CEO at French Private Finance
I did a series of coaching sessions with Don at the beginning of 2019. The insight, tools and techniques he shared with me allow me to engage my potential customers in a client first, authentic and caring manner. I no longer sell, I build great relationships. My business tripled after our sessions were complete. I am now working with Don to create the same relationships through my speaking engagements. I wholeheartedly recommend Don Williams to help you master the skills necessary in 2019 to be successful.
Leonard Lynskey
CEO at Lynskey Management
I work with many individuals on a daily basis and have been working with Don specifically for the last few years. His leadership and coaching skills are second to none. He is always willing to go above and beyond what is necessary to make sure what is being done is completed successfully. Also I have seen him present to a wide variety of audiences, and he always knows how to engage his audience, so they get the maximum benefit from what he is sharing.
Ronnie Crowley
CEO at Vision Implementors
All of Don’s encouragement last year rubbed off on me. I was a little (okay, a lot) slow to listen but … I finally listened. And now I have more biz than ever. THANK YOU for encouraging me to charge what I’m worth! ❤
Stephanie Nivinskus
CEO at SizzleForce Marketing