3 Valentine's Day Tips

3 Tips to Turn Happy Valentines Day into Happy Romancing Your Customer Day!

Do you have plans to make today special for your Valentine? So do you have plans to make today special for your Customers?

If you treat your Customers exceptionally, they will treat you exceptionally too!

Here’s 3 Tips (and remember I wrote the book on Romancing Your Customer):

Tip 1 – Call your top ten (or more) customers today and say something like this:
“Mr/Ms__________, it’s Valentines Day and that reminds me how much I love doing business with you, so Thank You for your business and I look forward to serving you, hope you have a Happy Valentines Day”.

Tip 2 – If you get voicemail, leave the message.

Tip 3 – Do NOT email or text the message, think about the effect when you tell someone you love them verbally as opposed to the effect if you emailed or texted an “I love you”.

Here’s a bonus tip:
Pre-customers are called Prospects,
Customers are Customers,
Previous Customers are Ambassadors (good or bad),
Teammates are a different type of Customer.
Treat ALL Customers exceptionally and don’t forget to TREAT YOURSELF (if you’re empty, then you cannot fill others).